Keep it Simple with Intuitive DECK Monitoring Software

DECK Monitoring software has been optimized for ease of use. Intuitive tools and navigation make it easy to perform routine tasks. You can quickly gather real time production data and status indicators for all your PV systems with a variety of portfolio overview displays. Rely on automated alerts and DECK analytics to keep an eye on system performance, and share scheduled reports with system stakeholders and project partners. Plus, with the current version of DECK Monitoring software, you can see native application displays on all mobile devices.

For users who do not require the robust tool set of PowerTrack, DECK Monitoring may be a perfect fit as a user-friendly software layer with PV monitoring toolkit of alarms, analytics, and reports. DECK

Monitoring can also be a helpful addition to your PowerTrack solution, providing intuitive data displays for non-technical stakeholders and project partners.

DECK Monitoring comes standard with customizable "dashboard" displays for kiosks and other public-facing applications. DECK dashboards lead the industry for attractive layout and overall elegance of appearance, making this a well-suited solution for many projects in the commercial and education markets.

Standard customization options for kiosk displays include logo placement, brand color, and choice of equivalencies.



Portfolio Management

Remotely Manage Your Entire Project Portfolio

Portfolio Management

Your DECK Monitoring Admin Panel makes it easy to remotely manage a full portfolio of PV projects. You get a wide variety of portfolio and system data displays in map, table, and chart formats.

The Solar Statistics page shown here is one such display. You get key performance indicators for all your monitored systems together on one webpage. Your Solar Statistics display also includes graphs and tables showing information such as total portfolio generation and portfolio peak kW vs installed kW, along with seasonal variations on generation, performance index rating, and more.


Performance Analysis

Intuitive and Customizable Data Analysis

Performance Analysis

Your customizable graphing tool lets you plot any number of data points from your portfolio. You can even compare data from multiple projects on one graph.

Your Admin Panel comes with pre-set graphing options based on the data available for each system. For example, if you have included irradiance data in your monitoring package, you will see an option for "Irradiance vs kW" on your Analytics page.

Or you can generate your own graphs, picking any data points in your portfolio. You can also create your own pre-sets for graphing configurations you plan to use frequently.


Automated Alerts

Automated Alerts for Device Communication and Performance Issues

Automated Alerts

Customized alerts from DECK Monitoring help you remotely manage your PV portfolio with automated email notifications when there are problems at one of your system sites. Emails are sent to your designated users any time that devices stop reporting, and when data falls outside your acceptable range.

Device communication alerts will be automatically up for you when your DECK Monitoring system us deployed. That ensures that you will receive automated alerts if data communications at your site are interrupted. For performance-based alerts, we recommend to most users that they work with our expert team to generate effective alerts (without raising 'nuisance alerts').


Report Center

Receive Scheduled Reports, Download Data Any Time

Report Center

DECK Monitoring customers have a wide range of options to download data from your DECK software program:

Raw data downloads allow you to pull device data sets from immediate download in CSV format.

You can also choose prepared data downloads to groom your data sets by date and time.

The AlsoEnergy deployment team will work with you to set up customizable scheduled reports for your team and your project partners. These reports come in PDF or spreadsheet format.


Kiosk Displays

DECK Kiosk Displays are Available for all AlsoEnergy Systems

Kiosk Displays

DECK Monitoring kiosk displays are industry standards for good looks and intuitive data displays.

Now DECK kiosk displays are available for all AlsoEnergy customers who desire lobby display software. These lobby displays help customers generate "Green PR" by sharing their renewable energy data in a customized format that is easy to understand.

Standard customization options for DECK lobby displays include logo placement, brand colors, and choice of equivalency units.