DECK Monitoring and AlsoEnergy: Here to Stay, Here to Lead

Robert Schaefer, AlsoEnergy CEO

The acquisition of DECK Monitoring by AlsoEnergy in October 2013 has created benefits for our customers, and has produced a leader in the independent solar monitoring marketplace.

When our companies joined, we pledged that we would continue to support and develop both solar monitoring product lines: PowerTrack and DECK Monitoring. We also promised that combining our companies would yield benefits for our clients in the form of greater operational efficiency, as well as opportunities to use features from both software platforms.

Today we are delivering on those promises. Users on the historical DECK Monitoring platform now have the opportunity to access their portfolio data on the latest version of DECK Monitoring, which shares a database solution with PowerTrack. This gives users the ability to access native application displays on mobile devices, and provides the enhanced security and analytic capacity of our Power Program platform. Additionally, historical DECK Monitoring lobby displays are now available to customers on both software platforms.

Joining DECK Monitoring and AlsoEnergy has been a good thing for all customers in the solar monitoring marketplace. Consumers get a strong and proven candidate for their monitoring needs. All PV monitoring customers benefit from our enhanced ability to deliver industry-leading products and services.

Moving forward, we will continue to lead and innovate as we develop new products and services for the evolving solar power marketplace. We are growing our company to match growing demand in the market. Our clients will continue to benefit from our versatile and independent PV monitoring and control solutions through the next decade and beyond.

Most of all, we pledge to continue our attention to the practices and principles that have always quided AlsoEnergy: industry-leading technology, backed by effective, professional customer service and support.